Podcast #60 – The Bacon: When Great Comedians Stop Being Funny

Because YOU demanded it*, it’s another episode of The Bacon! As part of Todd’s desperate attempt to clock in 12 podcast episodes in 2014, he and Skelton day drink and talk about once great comedians who stopped being funny. Plus, listener-submitted movie news and a whispering bit that is used too much. Plus, some nonsense about Steven Seagal doing dinner theater.

*No one demanded this. We are lying.

This time, on a very special episode of The Film Pigs Podcast:

  • 0:00:00 – Intro
  • 0:02:56 – Movie News
  • 0:11:53 – The Bacon: When Great Comedians Stop Being Funny
  • 0:47:37 – Outro

3 thoughts on “Podcast #60 – The Bacon: When Great Comedians Stop Being Funny”

  1. One thing you didn’t mention about aging comics is that they have kids, and they want to make movies their kids can see. That’s what I’ve always heard about Eddie Murphy.

    Steven Seagal as Willlie Loman: “Attention must be paid, punk!”

    BTW I’m 57 and I love superhero movies.

    1. I think that’s a legit point for wanting to make less edgy movies, but being “family friendly” can’t excuse a plainly corporate exercise of a movie. There’s plenty of family friendly movies that are hilarious.

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