6 thoughts on “GeekNation Show #125 – The Dumping Ground”

  1. First Pigs of 2015 & Clare Kramer that’s how You start a Year Off!!!! None of You brought up Seth Rogen’s “Green Hornet” for Garbage Movie!!!!!!

  2. My favourite January dumping ground movies are TREMORS (1/19/90) and DEEP RISING (1/30/98). Beat that mo flowers!

    I also enjoy NOWHERE TO RUN (1993) – one of Van Damme’s best IMO – and Jackie Chan’s FIRST STRIKE (1997) – not one of Jackie’s best but the ladder fight is awesome.

  3. HBO: “Hey- Beastmaster’s On”

    I choose “Precious Find”, impossible to find on DVD but now thankfully on Amazon Prime. Brion James (“Leon”), Rutger Hauer (“Roy Batty”) and Joan Chen (“Josie Packard”) do a sci-fi version of “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”. Watch it in a double-feature with “Battle Beyond the stars” (aka The Magnificent 7) and you’re set.

    1. How have I never seen Precious Find? Seems impossible. Will rectify. Hopefully, it will contain an element as iconic as the horse-boob-spaceship from BBTS.

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