GeekNation Show #155 – Worsties Parade Part One

The Pigs begin their late summer series of episodes featuring players from FXX’s “You’re The Worst,” with returning favorite Allan McLeod. There’s popcorn, talk of Vacation and Tom Cruise, and then we get to witness Allan taking an acting seminar on how to sweep junk off a desk. Everyone loves a parade!

One thought on “GeekNation Show #155 – Worsties Parade Part One”

  1. Isn’t it time for people to get off Cruise’s back? He goes beyond the call of duty for our entertainment, he had never phoned it in, unlike almost all other popular actors; I have never heard any reports of him acting unprofessionally on set, he is never less than grateful with his fans and compared to most in Hollywood his personal life is saint-like.

    So from now on I declare Cruise haters to be the true losers.

    Glad to here the latest MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE is a rousing success.

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