Podcast #72 – Movies That Have Become TV Shows

as he starts his three-week odyssey of guesting on our shows (he’ll be appearing on our GeekNation web show starting next week). This episode, we’re talking movies that have become TV shows, the complete opposite of an episode topic suggested by listener @LiveFromKevin. We have no idea why Todd is being so passive-aggressive, Kevin.

BONUS: J.D. has directed a great short documentary about the lives of commercial actors called THE TALENT. Check it out!

This time, on a very special episode of The Film Pigs Podcast:

  • Intro
  • Movie News
  • Host Todd Robert Anderson presents this episode’s theme: Movies That Have Become TV Shows
  • Movie Jail
  • The Nic Cage Memorial Bizarre Line Reading
  • Game: Pitch Me!
  • The Bottom 5
  • A Moment of Positivity
  • Outro

2 thoughts on “Podcast #72 – Movies That Have Become TV Shows”

  1. I saw BRIDGE OF SPIES yesterday and it’s minor Spielberg but still entertaining.

    One thing that movie definitely is, though, is a smorgasbord for character actors. I didn’t know half the people in this movie but they all seemed to get juicy scenes and moments to shine. Probably due to the excellent Coen brothers dialogue. And since the majority of this movie is Tom Hanks sitting in rooms talking to someone you need writing of that quality to make it bearable.

    So, yeah, I liked it. It is very long but I wasn’t familiar with the story so I didn’t have an idea of how or when the story would resolve.

    I also noticed the absence of a John Williams score. There are moments where you knew that he would have overwhelmed the moment with some big, lush cue but Thomas Newman kept it fairly understated. I wonder if he will be Spielberg’s guy after Williams croaks.

    And Amy Ryan looks rather hot as a 50’s housewife, I have to say.

  2. P.S. And TINTIN was great. It pretty much perfectly captured the spirit of the books. Apart from their casual racism, which was sorely missed.

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