MICRO REVIEW: Halloween II and The Final Destination

Went to a double-feature with Todd and Hil and our friend Shereen. Sorry, no vlog, but here are the Cliffs Notes:

Halloween II (IMDb)

  • Rob Zombie assembles a perfectly acceptable corporate slasher picture, but he is hardly a visionary filmmaker. Any movie that starts with a text card explaining the symbollic imagery the director is going to use during the picture is a sign that the director has failed to properly use symbollic imagery.
  • Some excellent gore. Extra points for the hospital scene in the beginning where it appears surgery is performed before cleaning the wounds.
  • I’m tired of killers appearing out of nowhere to murder people (this is more of a general issue with slasher shows). It’s much scarier when you get the creeping suspense of victims heading towards a grisly end, rather than Tyler Mane just stepping out from behind a tree to stab a guy.

The Final Destination (IMDb)

  • 3D is a stupid, pointless gimmick that makes me go crosseyed and gives me a headache. Or maybe that was just the preview for Avatar.
  • Big NASCAR crash scene is fun, but not quite as good as the highway crash from previous installments. Some very grizly deaths, tempered by the fact that most of the cast have the charisma of a single GAP store window mannequin. (Note: I am not talking about delightful Kim Cattrall mannequins).
  • Stupid, silly fun. I liked it better than Halloween II.

3 thoughts on “MICRO REVIEW: Halloween II and The Final Destination”

  1. That symbolism title card nonsense has ‘poor test screening results’ written all over it.

    Rob Zombie’s a chump.

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