Podcast #77 – Fantasy Movies

The Pigs make up for no podcast in February with TWO podcasts in March! What generous souls! This time, the Pigs are talking fantasy movies (the sword & sorcery kind, not the porno kind, Todd). There’s also the usual collection of favorites: movie news, a political movie jail, a super-cool bizarre line reading, a game of chance/knowledge/dumbness, and so much more!

This time, on a very special episode of The Film Pigs Podcast:

  • Intro
  • Movie News
  • Host Stephen J. Skelton presents this episode’s theme: Fantasy Movies
  • Movie Jail
  • The Nic Cage Memorial Bizarre Line Reading
  • Quiz-Prov!
  • The Bottom 5
  • A Moment of Positivity
  • Outro

2 thoughts on “Podcast #77 – Fantasy Movies”

  1. Epic game Skelton.

    There are several reasons why the eagles save the dwarfs:

    a) They have the best sight in all of Middle-earth, better than the elves. They can see the fire and investigate.

    b) They detest goblins and wargs.

    c) They are in debt to Gandalf after he saved the life of their chief.

    Unfortunately the eagles don’t talk in the movies, which:

    a) Removes the opportunity for the backstory to be revealed

    b) Significantly lessens the idea that they are intelligent, sentient beings with minds and agendas of their own and aren’t just big flying birds.

    1. Thanks. I was hoping Todd would get more angry, but you can’t have everything.

      The eagles are treated like Uber in both trilogies, which is why you wonder why doesn’t Gandalf use them all the time? Personally, I would rather have had the movies spend the dwarf dinner theater time setting up Gandalf’s relationship with the eagles and why he can use them only so often. ‘Cause them eagles could have saved everybody a ton of time in both trilogies. There are plausible explanations why they don’t, but none of that information is present or presented well in the movies, so it appears to be a plot hole.

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