11 thoughts on “Review – 2012 (2009)”

  1. My guess is that NINJA ASSASSIN will only be marginally more successful than the execrable BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE in trying to make a prominent Korean actor into a Hollywood star.

    1. But it has such an awesome, redundant title. Plus, as a franchise it has almost limitless possibilities. Imagine NINJA ACCOUNTANT or NINJA NANNY!

      Scratch that, NINJA NANNY is probably already in production with either Cuba Gooding Jr. or The Rock attached to star.

  2. Ninja Assassin seems like an obvious safe bet, but I think that it’s-not-a-remake remake, “Bad Lieutenant yada yada New Orleans” is an even better choice. Maybe Herzog has found his next Klaus Kinski? I’m just saying that so you can picture Nicolas Cage attempting a German accent.

    1. The new BL is certainly on our radar. I don’t see how the combination of a douchebag Herzog and tired-and-newly-poor Cage can be anything other than electric!

      1. I saw it today, it starts out fairly slow, then gets quite a bit “better”. The audience must have been the same audience that saw “American Movie”. This movie is rated R – for Ridiculous! I think I figured out why Cage made the film – he thinks MST3K is still on the air, and he’s jealous of Joe Don Baker.

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