GeekNation Show #205 – Who You Gonna Call?

The Film Pigs celebrate the release of the new Ghostbusters the only way they know how: by complaining. Special guest Tess Baker and guest co-host Camden Singer are on hand to help Steve, Steve and Todd enjoy some popcorn and talk cinema. Bonus: a world premiere trailer for an all new sci-fi picture!

2 thoughts on “GeekNation Show #205 – Who You Gonna Call?”

    1. I didn’t think the new Ghostbusters was THAT bad, but it does suffer from what most big studio comedies suffer from: too much story/character development that displaces the time left for jokes (which, in this case is also competing against action set pieces for time). Felt like there were a lot of studio notes like “We need to know more about their history together…” Spy is still my favorite Feig movie.

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