Podcast #85 – The Bacon: Skelton Recommends Holiday Movies

It’s the very, very end of November and the Film Pigs just can’t let this magical month pass without some sort of podcast! We had a proper show ready to record but real-life got in the way, so instead Todd Robert Anderson presents another edition of The Bacon! This time, he’s assembled a list of all theatrically released Christmas movies since Skelton was born and forces him to give his recommendations. Skelton thinks this premise is pretty thin, but Todd makes him do it anyway and they both learn about the true meaning of Christmas (barf).

6 thoughts on “Podcast #85 – The Bacon: Skelton Recommends Holiday Movies”

  1. I depend on Todd for all my sciency data and so was shocked to find him claim that Larger Than Life (11% on RT) had a better critical reception than Scrooged (68%).
    Disillusionment and heartbreak.

    …I may have too much free time at work…

  2. Since Morgan Spurlock produced the What Would Jesus Buy? documentary, I’m assuming there’s a warehouse somewhere in the world that’s full of “WWJB?” t-shirts, coffee mugs, and mouse pads.

  3. You picked out SERENDIPITY but left out the definitive John Cusack Christmas movie BETTER OFF DEAD! What is wrong with you guys?!

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