Podcast #88 – Cinematic Universe Writers Rooms

The Film Pigs are back, well before the end of March, with a brand-new episode! This time we’re talking Cinematic Universe Writers Rooms and what that means for the endless amount of comic book/screeching robot/paramilitary toy/classic monster movies that are in our future. Plus, the latest movie news, a surprising twist in the courtroom, a reluctant game that TOTALLY SCREWS OVER ONE OF THE PLAYERS, and more!

7 thoughts on “Podcast #88 – Cinematic Universe Writers Rooms”

      1. I’ll do it completely digital this time! You won’t have to pay for actors, set designers, technicians, carpenters or ducksuits. And I’ll write the script for free!

  1. The Universal monsters were a cinematic universe WAY before Marvel. The 30s and 40s movies crossover-ed several times!

  2. The Universe Cinematic Universe.
    The first movie is naturally called “The Milky Way” and then subsequent sequels could include “Triangulum Galaxy” and “Large Magellanic Cloud.”
    Now there are an estimated 2 trillion galaxies in the universe, but you don’t want to make every single Hawkeye galaxy into a movie before you do the Universe teamup…

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