Podcast #89 – Sea Monsters!

April showers bring May flowers, and also cause sea levels to rise which is why this podcast we’re talking sea monsters! This episode also marks the return of a beloved segment that’s been missing-in-action for a while. Plus, your usual carefully-sourced movie news, courtroom drama, bizarre line readings, and a game that tries to take it easy for once by not making the players improvise but Todd finds a way to complain about it anyway so he ruins it which has also caused this run-on sentence so that’s Todd’s fault, too.

4 thoughts on “Podcast #89 – Sea Monsters!”

  1. “Netflix users spent half a billion hours watching Adam Sandler movies.”

    You’re not presenting a very good argument as to why LA shouldn’t be nuked.

    1. I’d like to crunch the numbers on the regions where these hours were consumed before we start pushing beautiful, shiny, jolly, candy-like buttons. Netflix didn’t just give Sandler a giant deal because they liked him, they were pretty sure there was a non-theater going audience out there for him. Also, Netflix corporate headquarters is in Los Gatos. Also, I don’t want to be nuked.

  2. Todd’s rendition of the classic Quint speech was superb.

    I bet Tonn would have just fucked it up completely. And probably thrown a punch or two.

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