8 thoughts on “Review – Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)”

  1. Oh, shit, I totally had River’s Edge in mind the moment you said Crispin Glover. “The things I do for my fucking friends.” Hilarious. That and “I’m gonna put a quarter in this machine and take over the fucking universe.”

    Great review. I’ll be seeing Hot Tub Time Machine on Wednesday.

  2. Rubin and Ed was the movie with Glover and Hessemen, not that I’ve ever seen it. My fave CG performance has to be his appearance on Letterman. “I can kick!”

    Say, isn’t it about time for another commentary…?

    1. Rubin and Ed! Thank you! That movie was so weird we forgot the title.

      Another commentary should be on the way relatively soon – give us a couple weeks. Scheduling and all that.

  3. I might see this. Although that chubby dude with the glasses looks like a lesbian. It’s impossible to look at him without thinking that.

    I’m a bit worried when I read reviews that say “This movie is as funny as THE HANGOVER…” Well I thought THE HANGOVER was about as funny as a fire in an orphanage, so hopefully it’s better than that.

    1. Personally, I found HTTM to be more along the lines of Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle than Hangover, if that helps. I actually enjoyed The Hangover – as a studio comedy I thought it was pretty fun, although the best part was all the still photos during the credits. HTTM is much better, though.

    2. Oh, thanks. Now I’m not going to be able to look at that kid without thinking of him wearing a toolbelt and workboots and getting his wallet chain caught as he’s putting his malamute in the back of his Subaru Brat.

  4. All of those Crispin Glover performances mentioned above are excellent. I like him in the trailer for “Simon Says” too. Don’t want to spoil the experience by seeing the whole movie. May have too, though. He also has an oddly nice dramatic turn in “Where the Heart Is”, about the only interesting thing in the movie. I’m surprised he never acted in anything with his Dad, although he did direct him once.

    Sounds like Stee didn’t enjoy Greenberg as much as I did. I liked Stiller a lot in this film, although every once in a while he made a face that made me flash back to his role as Furious. That chick has a memorable part in House of the Devil, which I liked more than TRA did.

    Both films seem to be saying, in different ways, that people who grew up in the 80’s are unlikable man-children. Don’t know whether to feel insulted or honored.

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