Podcast #96 – Movies Year In Review 2017

It’s a Pigsmas miracle! A full-length regular episode with all three hosts present for the holidays! This is bigger than Jesus, who we’re pretty sure doesn’t even have his own podcast! This episode has it all: movie news, a discussion of movies released in 2017, courtroom drama, a direct-to-video review, a game that turns unnecessarily mean-spirited because host Todd is a Scrooge, and so much more! Seasons greetings to all!

6 thoughts on “Podcast #96 – Movies Year In Review 2017”

  1. This reminded me of how shamefully few movies I saw this year. The overall best movie I watched was a movie from last year, NOCTURNAL ANIMALS.

    If I had to pick a top five of movies released this year, here goes:

    1: LOGAN
    2: BLADE RUNNER 2049
    3: JOHN WICK 2


    Favourite streaming movie: WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY

    Biggest Disappointment: BABY DRIVER

    Best Horror: RAW

    Most Overrated Movie: IT

    Most Underrated Movie: ASSASSIN’S CREED

    Most Unnecessary Sequel: T2: TRAINSPOTTING

    The ‘Please just retire, you Mr. Magoo-looking hack!” Award: Bruce Willis

    1. Monday was fun, but arriving on the heels of Orphan Black’s finale it fell flat for me. Okja would be my pick for streamer.

      Can’t go with you on Assassin’s Creed – I saw it and can’t remember a single thing about it. On the other hand, I still haven’t finished Trainspotting 2, so you’re on to something there.

      1. I’ve never seen ORPHAN BLACK but I’m aware of the fans making the comparison. But I’m a big Noomi Rapace fan and having seven of her is pretty much my dream scenario.

        I still haven’t seen OKJA, which is slack because I love Korean films. Although I find Bong Joon-ho movies have tonal shifts that can give you whiplash.

        I just thought ASSASSIN’S CREED had more visual and narrative ambition than most blockbusters this year. It wasn’t entirely successful but I like that they tried.

        1. I like Rapace as well, and she’s good in Monday, but Tatiana Maslany is a nigh-impossible act to follow concerning multiple clone roles. And yes, I’m including Michael Keaton’s Multiplicity work in this assessment.

          Tonal shifts abound in Okja, but still loved the movie.

          Now I think you’re just trying to fool me into watching Assassin’s Creed again. 🙂

  2. JOHN WICK 2 is on my list too!

    My biggest surprise was KONG: SKULL ISLAND which I actually had a lot of fun with and was way, way, way better than the dull and dreary GODZILLA movie. It had a lot of cool monsters and it was very well paced at less than two hours! I know who I’ll be rooting for in GODZILLA VS. KONG.

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