Podcast #97 – Oscar Nominations 2018

Happy New Year! The Film Pigs survived 2017 and are starting January off right with a brand-new podcast! This time we’re in-the-moment and talking 2018 Oscar nominations! Who are our favorites? Who was snubbed? Does Todd care? All these questions and more are answered, as well as the latest movie news, an unprecedented movie jail courtroom drama, fun and games, and some of our clumsiest sound cues to date!

2 thoughts on “Podcast #97 – Oscar Nominations 2018”

  1. It looks like Franco was shut out and they pressed the Denzel Panic Button.

    Biggest snub for me was Patrick Stewart for LOGAN.

    JOHN WICK 2 should have gotten a cinematography nomination. That movie is gorgeous but will be dismissed because it’s merely an action movie.

    1. Franco snub doesn’t bother me as I don’t think it was deserved in the first place.

      Stewart’s performance was definitely award-worthy. Was surprised, but pleased, Logan got any nods at all.

      JOHN WICK 2 should have been nominated for ALL THE AWARDS!

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