Podcast #99 – The Bacon: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Want to hear two middle-aged dum-dums talk about Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson for almost an hour? Then you’re in luck! This episode of The Film Pigs Podcast is a yummy Bacon episode focusing on the rise to stardom of former professional wrestler The Rock. With fellow Pig Falk missing-in-action, it’s up to Todd and Skelton to discuss Johnson’s calculated rise to fame and their surprise at how much they both enjoyed that latest Jumanji thing.

One thought on “Podcast #99 – The Bacon: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson”

  1. I like BALLERS, especially the chemistry Johnson has with Rob Cordry.

    It’s as deep as a thimble but it definitely has the ring of authenticity, particularly about how unbelievably stupid and irresponsible pro athletes are with their money. Within five minutes of the first episode one football player is bragging about paying $250,000 for an elephant.

    And congrats to Stee for sprog #2.

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