Podcast #104 – The Bacon: Recent Disappointments in the Movies

As the summer nears its end, the Film Pigs take a look at a few of this year’s movie disappointments. But not before screwing around a lot – this is an episode of The Bacon, after all. One topic not covered but is extremely important: Todd got a DVD copy of COOL RUNNINGS at a garage sale.

2 thoughts on “Podcast #104 – The Bacon: Recent Disappointments in the Movies”

  1. You can laugh if you want, but THE MEG was a big disappointment. I read the book many years ago and watched its torturous development process with interest. Hell, I even got legit excited when Todd’s hero Eli Roth was attached to direct.

    Look, the book was trash but it had four or five iconic set-pieces that could have been spectacular on screen, but this piece of shit movie completely ignored all of them!

    I guess it doesn’t help that two of them were flat-out stolen by JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM.

    1. I skipped MEG because I was afraid it wasn’t going to be Deep Blue Sea-y enough. We’ll see if it fares better on a home viewing while I thumb through Twitter.

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