Podcast #110 – Spielberg vs Netflix

After a series of illnesses, the Film Pigs are back with a brand-new podcast for March! This episode is a thoughtful discussion on what defines a movie, in the wake of Steven Spielberg’s argument against Netflix releases qualifying for Oscars instead of Emmys. Plus, movie news, a trip to the courtroom, a bizarre line reading, games, and so much more!

One thought on “Podcast #110 – Spielberg vs Netflix”

  1. I think The ‘Berg is going to lose this one. Streaming has created a seismic shift in film distribution and you’re not going to roll it back at this point. And while nobody is eager to watch the 89 appalling stand-up specials Netflix has put out this past year it certainly is, in many cases, a far more appealing way to watch new movies considering what a shit-show the cinematic experience has become.

    Also, I seem to remember Spielberg was opposed to DVD as well. I think he and George Lucas were trying to develop some DIVX-based system which involved disposable single-use discs. He was certainly the last major director to allow his movies to appear on DVD. I recall HOOK was the first one he put out, which was considerate of him.

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