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Sometimes we get tired of complaining in audio and video format. This is where we come to post our finger rants.

I Got This For Free: Ultraviolet

poster_ultraviolet_pg-13So I got a PlayStation 3 and there was this rebate for 5 Blu-ray discs – the catch was you could only select from a horribly crippled list of possibilities (and you had to select from different tiers with only a few titles available on each tier, making selection of 5 decent titles virtually impossible and causing this sentence to run on and on and on…). Anyway, I sent off the rebate 6-8 weeks ago and forgot about it. Continue reading I Got This For Free: Ultraviolet

Stee’s Thoughts On The Darjeeling Limited

poster_darjeeling_limited…as written in a text message to a friend while watching the movie:

“There is a lot of really awesome stuff about The Darjeeling Limited. It is also an unforgivably meandering and kind of deeply shitty movie. It’s more self-gazing and tickled by its own imagined awesomeness than Paris Hilton getting fucking in a hall of mirrors.”

Okay, well, granted, that text message is pretty tickled by its own imagined awesomeness too, but at least I didn’t make a movie out of it. Continue reading Stee’s Thoughts On The Darjeeling Limited

Film Pigs featured in February’s Esquire magazine! (No, really…)

filmpigs_esquire_2007-FEBIn an unbelievable turn of events that can only be described as coincidental, the Film Pigs movie review vlogs have been featured in a moderately sarcastic graphic/column thing nearly half a page long in Esquire! To put things in proper perspective, there’s also a blurb about a DVD called “Cat Fights Unleashed” that appears to be about as large but with more copy. To join in on the fun, pick up the current issue of Esquire (the one with Sienna “I’m pretty so I guess I’m a movie star” Miller on the cover) or click on the image above to see full size.