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GeekNation Show #8 – Don’t Dread Dredd

This week The Pigs talk “The Trouble with the Curve,” “Dredd,” “End of Watch” and “The House at the End of the Street.” They also review the latest release from Paul Thomas Anderson, and as always gift you with an important lesson in filmmaking.

I Got This For Free: Ultraviolet

poster_ultraviolet_pg-13So I got a PlayStation 3 and there was this rebate for 5 Blu-ray discs – the catch was you could only select from a horribly crippled list of possibilities (and you had to select from different tiers with only a few titles available on each tier, making selection of 5 decent titles virtually impossible and causing this sentence to run on and on and on…). Anyway, I sent off the rebate 6-8 weeks ago and forgot about it. Continue reading I Got This For Free: Ultraviolet