5 thoughts on “GeekNation Show #1 – So It Begins”

  1. Good show, but only ten minutes? 🙁

    I hope Falk has recovered from his Pacino impression. He didn’t look well at the end of it.

    Swanky new website.

    1. Like Todd says, <10 minutes is pretty standard for web series, which is why we're doing sketches and shorter bits. The hard part will be coordinating that with the podcast and East Coast Falk. Should be fun.

      And I finally got around to doing a proper WP theme to replace our old hacked one. Thanks for noticing!

  2. Most web series are about ten. Trying to drum up as much of an audience as we can. We will resume podcasting soon for the longform junkies! Thanks as always, almighty one.

  3. I will reserve judgment of this until I stop laughing.

    Also, I don’t understand why you didn’t let Colin Farrell say anything. He just stood there quietly the whole time behind Todd.

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