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Review – The Dark Knight Rises

Last time we posted a video about a Batman movie, Warner Brothers had it yanked. So, try, try again we must! Steve and Todd but not Steve weigh in on the nearly three-hour comic book movie. Let me repeat that last part: NEARLY THREE HOUR COMIC BOOK MOVIE! Also, enjoy some incredibly blurry camera work!

And The Rest Of The World Thinks WE’RE Stupid?

The next time the world at large wants to mouth off about how dumb and uncultured Americans are, I suggest they remember this:

Sony’s “Terminator: Salvation” continued to dominate the international box office over the June 12-14 weekend, grossing $43.4 million from 12,959 runs in 63 markets for an international cume of $164.4 million. (Variety)

This is one international tragedy the U.S.A. ain’t responsible for.  It makes me so damn proud to be ‘merican! Now I’m gonna go eat an entire apple pie while drinking a six-pack of Coors and shooting guns off the back of my SUV. YEE-HAW!