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GeekNation Show #39 – Away!

The Pigs are joined by comic actor and MTV producer Shane Nickerson to discuss this week’s movie releases, including the new Michael Bay movie with all the shiny muscles. Also, Steve Skelton breaks down the differences between superhero movies of yesterday and today. Steve Falk and Todd Anderson contribute very little, but do look quite handsome.

Review – The Dark Knight Rises

Last time we posted a video about a Batman movie, Warner Brothers had it yanked. So, try, try again we must! Steve and Todd but not Steve weigh in on the nearly three-hour comic book movie. Let me repeat that last part: NEARLY THREE HOUR COMIC BOOK MOVIE! Also, enjoy some incredibly blurry camera work!

Podcast #30 – College Movies

2012 being the end times and all, the Film Pigs figured we should do at least one more full-on podcast before the apocalypse. Enjoy while you can the Film Pigs back to their regular shenanigans: Movie News guaranteed to be fresh within the last 336 hours, an in-depth discussion of College Movies, a legally-binding session of Movie Jail, line readings, cold readings, trivia, and more!

This time, on a very special episode of The Film Pigs Podcast:

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