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GeekNation Show #56 – Bonanza Hit Movie!

What’s better than a Film Pigs episode chock full of popcorn? An episode where special guest J.D. Ryznar returns to give everyone the scoop on how to become a powerful Hollywood writer, that’s what! Plus, rash judgments about upcoming releases and an endless supply of good fun-time cheer that’s probably mostly attributed to the popcorn.

Podcast #33 – The Bacon: The Indiana Jones Movies

Despondent over losing one of their own to the metropolis called New York City (in the movies, Metropolis), the Film Pigs scramble for a comforting subject in the form of Indiana Jones. This podcast is an episode of The Bacon, where the Pigs delve deep into a single subject, talk it straight into the ground, and then keep talking some more. With special guest Hilary Anderson and music by Adam Blau.

This time, on a very special episode of The Film Pigs Podcast:

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Finally Saw It: Cowboys & Aliens

Normally, I would have seen a movie like this in theaters. It’s a silly action concept right up my alley, the kind of thing I usually enjoy. But the trailer…wasn’t right. Hard to put my finger on it but the previews just didn’t pop. So I gave it a pass and waited until it was available to pull from the orifice of a Redbox kiosk. Continue reading Finally Saw It: Cowboys & Aliens