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MOVIE REVIEW: The Avengers

The Pigs are back! With a vengeance! After being scared away from the multiplexes by Nic Cage and his Ghost Rider 2, the boys finally got up the guts to go to a movie theater to see The Avengers. True to their cranky nature, they had their reservations…but turns out everybody is right about this picture. It’s a good time! The Pigs return to cinematic bliss…which we’re sure will last at least until they take in Battleship.

The Film Pigs Podcast #29: The Bacon – Scary Animal Movies

FilmPigs_AlbumArtV4_Podcast_1400Poor Tonn Slingdog showed up to do his usual DTV Corner segment, but found out he was alone. No Pigs showed. In an attempt to respect the podcast’s listeners in a way the usual hosts clearly do not, Tonn yammers for nearly half an hour about some horror movies featuring killer animals he vaguely remembers. Rambling and without a real point, at least this Pigs Podcast is…well, here.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Ghost Rider – Spirit Of Vengeance

A fan asked us via a passionate email to go see the new Ghost Rider film, he felt it was perfect synergy given our love of Nic Cage line readings. And while there were two very bizarre and lovely moments of Cagey acting, there was another eighty-eight minutes of movie around them. Needless to say, Steve Falk got very, very fussy.

MOVIE REVIEW: Haywire, Underworld: Awakening, Contraband

Three Pigs went into Haywire…but only two came out. Forced by fanatics to see two more January releases, Todd and Skelton brave the endurance test of the year in an effort to rescue Falk from his captors. Liam Neeson was unavailable to rescue Falk, due to a problem with wolves, leaving two Pigs standing tall in the fight of their lives!

MOVIE REVIEW: Captain America – The First Avenger

The Pigs get all patriotic and check out Captain America which they all find just all right. One of them likes it more than the others but for some reason winds up being the crankiest. Also, fun stories from before the movie began, and a discussion on how to appropriately ask for large breasts.