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GeekNation Show #96: Clarity

Ever wondered which movie you should see? Ever wondered how ADR works in filmmaking? These questions and more (actually, just those two questions) will be answered on this week’s Film Pigs with favorite very special guest, the beautiful and talented Clare Kramer. So. You should watch it. Continue reading GeekNation Show #96: Clarity

GeekNation Show #71: The Best of Todd Anderson

It’s a celebration of clip magic featuring stuff scribbled by everyone’s favorite ginger! Pour some popcorn and enjoy the hilarity with guest turns from days past by Clare Kramer and Kurt Fuller! It’s the time of your life! Continue reading GeekNation Show #71: The Best of Todd Anderson

GeekNation Show #37: Reunited

Steve Skelton is back from the icy chill of Poland, and very clearly excited about the bikini weather of Los Angeles! After talking the latest releases and enjoying some single malt popcorn, the Pigs explore the filmmaking tool called “the mcguffin.” And if that don’t suit ya…I guess you can’t be suited. Or something. Continue reading GeekNation Show #37: Reunited

GeekNation Show #36: Back In Time

Did the Film Pigs acquire a time traveling sports car with a flux capacitor? You might think so since they are discussing new movie releases with titles like “Evil Dead”, but they didn’t. It’s the present. They can’t afford sports cars, let alone time traveling ones! After a hard-hitting dramatic movie trailer exclusive, guest Clare Kramer hijacks the show for her own nefarious purposes. Also, Steve Skelton’s final dispatch from Poland: a heartfelt farewell to the “Pornofa.” Continue reading GeekNation Show #36: Back In Time

GeekNation Show #17: The Pigs Are Turkeys

Enjoy a very special post Thanksgiving episode of the Pigs. What makes it so special? It’s not a rerun or a clip show! It’s all new! And if that’s not special enough for you, we’ve got a very special guest in Clare Kramer! Not only is Clare so very pretty, but her analysis of the trailer for “Silver Linings Playbook” is one of the funniest things we’ve ever seen. Also, Clare gives an acting lesson focusing on dying scenes, we talk the latest releases, and the show starts with a trailer that YOU MUST SIMPLY ADORE because it took us a really, really long time to shoot it.

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Todd Cheats on the Pigs!

Todd cheated on the Pigs with GeekNation.com’s 5×5 podcast with Clare Kramer and Tory Mell. Filling in as co-host for Tory, Todd rather weakly helps Clare interview Matt and Morgan Walsh. They talk leather jackets, dressing your wife up as a prostitute, and Tom Skerritt’s gorgeous moustache.