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The Pigpen

We’ve had lots of fantastic guest stars on our shows – check out the tags below!

GeekNation Show #141 – Fuller of It

Todd, Steve and Steve welcome actor (don’t call him a journeyman) Kurt Fuller back to the big program. After toasting some glasses of hot buttered popcorn, they launch into one of the most spirited Rash Judgment segments the show has ever seen. Sure, they talk about the week’s big feature releases, including the Water Diviner, but they don’t stop there. They talk Ghostbusters, they talk Hulk Hogan, and then they unleash a trailer for a new sci-fi thriller. If you don’t love this episode, you are incapable of real human feelings.

GeekNation Show #38 – Full, Kurt Fuller, Fullest

The Pigs journey to a desolate future world, and then talk the week’s feature film releases with special guest Kurt Fuller. Most impressively, Mr. Fuller gives a master class in acting styles through the decades. This may be the most important Film Pigs episode yet, filled with both big laughs and deeply touching moments sure to bring a tear to your eye. (Assuming you have something irritating stuck in your eye.)