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The Pigpen

We’ve had lots of fantastic guest stars on our shows – check out the tags below!

Podcast #81 – Actors Who Phone It In

Surprise! It’s a brand-new, non-Seagal Film Pigs Podcast! In a welcome break from the Summer of Seagal, former Film Pig Andy Kamenetzky (@KamBrothers, iTunes) joins Todd and Skelton for a riveting discussion about actors who phone it in. Plus, movie news, courtroom drama, bizarre line readings, fun and games, and oh so much more! (And yes, Todd is insisting on finishing our Seagal trilogy this summer, but Andy very wisely refused to participate.)

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GeekNation Show #133 – Sports!

Sports journalists and hosts of the Land O’Lakers podcast, the Kamenetzky brothers — Andy and Brian – are hanging with the Film Pigs! They weigh in on some of the week’s big feature releases, and then unveil a trailer for an all-new sports movie! You know what goes great with sports? Popcorn!

GeekNation Show #53 – The One Year Anniversary Spectacular, Part Two

In this special bonus follow up to our behind-the-scenes documentary, we dissect the process of making a Film Pigs sketch and what it means to really be a Pig. There is no nudity in this episode.