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The Film Pigs Podcast #34: The Bacon – Favorite Movie Robots

FilmPigs_AlbumArtV4_Podcast_1400On another very exclusive episode of The Bacon, Film Pigs Todd Robert Anderson and Stephen Skelton discuss their very favorite movie robots. Everything from Star Wars to Silent Running, from Hardware to Saturn 3, from Runaway to some other movie with really dumb low-budget robots, is covered. Plus, the never-before revealed reason as to why fellow Film Pig Stephen Falk drove cross-country to New York from Los Angeles instead of flying!

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While Stephen Falk is globe-trotting, the Pigs left behind fight the good fight and head off to the cineplex to take in a sci-fi family film set in a dystopian future where PETA no longer exists and it’s okay to pit live bulls against thousand pound robots in death matches. Here is their immediate and visceral reaction, coming to you from the usual place (inside a car) with the type of criticism you’ve come to expect from The Film Pigs (without thought and fueled by crotchety oldness.)