Podcast #34 – The Bacon: Favorite Movie Robots

On another very exclusive episode of The Bacon, Film Pigs Todd Robert Anderson and Stephen Skelton discuss their very favorite movie robots. Everything from Star Wars to Silent Running, from Hardware to Saturn 3, from Runaway to some other movie with really dumb low-budget robots, is covered. Plus, the never-before revealed reason as to why fellow Film Pig Stephen Falk drove cross-country to New York from Los Angeles instead of flying!

This time, on a very special episode of The Film Pigs Podcast:

  • 0:00:00 – Intro
  • 0:01:01 – The Bacon: FAVORITE MOVIE ROBOTS
  • 0:44:00 – Outro

6 thoughts on “Podcast #34 – The Bacon: Favorite Movie Robots”

  1. Does Tick Tock from RETURN TO OZ count as a robot? He’s awesome.

    Also, SCREAMERS was based on a Philip K. Dick short story. I am disappointed with your lapse of sci-fi literature knowledge here Skelton.

    1. Tik-Tok is a wind-up mechanical man, so he sure is a robot. A more questionable 80s robot would be Bubo from “Clash of the Titans” since he’s more explicitly animated by magic. Which is kind of a dumb argument when dealing with movie robots, but whatever.

      And, to be fair, “Screamers” feels more like it’s based on a movie that was based on a television episode that was based on a magazine article that was based on some guy on the bus retelling the Philip K. Dick short story.

    1. Love the T-1000. He’s like a big glob of murderous silver Silly Putty.

      Those quadroters are going to be terrifying once they stop playing music and start hunting humans for sport.

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