5 thoughts on “The Best Trailer Of All Time”

  1. Holy mother of God. At first, I was thinking, ‘Oh, okay.’ But wow, that’s hardcore. I especially enjoyed the blade going through that woman’s ass.

  2. So it’s true what they say, that inside every homicidal robotic geisha, there’s a red droog mask wearing bikini ninja waiting to burst out and spray you with her acidic breast milk.

    I particularly like how the trailer shows women duelling with their own retractable arse swords and equally a woman getting a blade right up the jacksy with spectacularly bloody consequences. However they made the decision to tastefully cover the geisha’s breasts with a sheet while the technicians try and fix her, how considerate.

  3. Gotta love the Japanese. Not only have they made degenerate filth socially acceptable, but they very cornerstone of their popular culture.

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