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GeekNation Show #12: MisTaken

The Film Pigs are back with their twelth episode! Not only do they fearlessly skewer the movies themselves, but also take you on a journey behind the scenes of the entertainment industry. Before a movie hits the theater, before it is edited, before it is shot, before it is even written…some poor screenwriter has to convince a studio executive that there is a movie in his or her story. All at GeekNation.com!

The Film Pigs Podcast #31: Cop Movies

FilmPigs_AlbumArtV4_Podcast_1400Here we go again! After the stars align in our schedules, the Film Pigs return with a brand-new podcast! This time we’re talking a Hollywood staple: the Cop Movie. Expect lots of loose cannons being too close to the case, along with Movie News, Movie Jail, the Nic Cage Memorial Bizarre Line Reading, a fresh Straight to DVD Corner with Tonn Slingdog, a Cold Reading, fun and games, a squawking bird, a raccoon in a tree, and Falk’s agitated dog.

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The Film Pigs Podcast #24: The Coen Brothers

FilmPigs_AlbumArtV4_Podcast_1400A little late but worth the wait, the Film Pigs are back and we’re talking Coen Brothers – their movies we love, the ones we don’t get, and the few that just don’t work. Plus, a long talked about but never before accused addition to Movie Jail, a very Stormarey bizarre line reading, the triumphant return of Straight to DVD Corner with Tonn Slingdog, a trivia game that’s actually a real trivia game and not total nonsense, and more! THERE’S ALWAYS MORE!

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The Film Pigs Podcast #10: Thrillers

FilmPigs_AlbumArtV4_Podcast_1400Kind of hard to believe we’ve reached our 10th podcast anniversary! So much has happened since we started podcasting, it’s been such an amazing journey. Big thanks to the soulless racks of servers that make all our dreams possible. This episode, the Film Pigs delve into the genre of Thrillers!  Plus, Movie Jail, bizarre line readings, Tonn Slingdog’s Straight To DVD Corner, fake corporate trivia, and more!

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MOVIE REVIEW: Faster (2010)

The Rock tries his hand at revenge pictures. He fails. He should probably return to dressing in a tutu or smashing folding chairs over the heads of other men with steroid and human growth hormones coursing through their veins. (IMDb)

Featured Film Pigs Listicle: Favorite Live-Action But Non-Human Movie Character