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The Pigpen

We’ve had lots of fantastic guest stars on our shows – check out the tags below!

GeekNation Show #102 – The Magnificent Andersons

The Film Pigs prove they are not above exploiting an entire family in this week’s episode with special guests Colby and Hilary Anderson (Todd’s son and wife!) Everyone gets some popcorn, talks about the week’s latest releases, and then there’s a trailer for a crazy action movie! It’s everything you could want in a Pigs show, and this one is almost family-friendly! Enjoy!

GeekNation Show #12 – MisTaken

The Film Pigs are back with their twelfth episode! Not only do they fearlessly skewer the movies themselves, but they also take you on a journey behind the scenes of the entertainment industry. Before a movie hits the theater, before it is edited, before it is shot, before it is even written…some poor screenwriter has to convince a studio executive that there is a movie in his or her story.