Podcast #120 – 2020 Movies Anticipation

Happy New Year! The Pigs are back for a 2020 sure to be filled with thrills, spills, chills, and probably a lot more dimwitted authoritarianism. To fight back, we’re talking about movies coming out this year and how excited we are to see them! Okay, it’s mostly just a list of genre movies Todd wants to see and we’re only genuinely excited about a couple of them, but whatever. There’s also movie news, courtroom drama, bizarre line readings, games, and more!

2 thoughts on “Podcast #120 – 2020 Movies Anticipation”

  1. I too thought that the CALL OF THE WILD trailer was the worst thing I’d ever seen. But then I watched an episode of THE GOOP LAB on Netflix and realised that my disgust levels still had some way to go. (Oooh, there’s one for you boys… James Wan’s DISGUSTED).

    I wonder if the decision to use a CGI dog was partly due to the director having one meeting with Harrison Ford and being like “Christ, there’s no way this guy is going to have the patience to deal with a real dog on set. Oh, well… tennis ball on a stick it is!”

    As for the HEAT clip; it’s an old story now but apparently in the original cut Pacino’s character was a coke-head, so that would go some way to explaining his bizarre outbursts all through that movie. Mann just cut all of that out.

    Falk gets followed by McWeeny. I got blocked by him for calling him out for sucking GHOSTBUSTERS 2016’s dick. Especially when he said something egregious (There’s another one! James Wan’s… EGREGIOUS) to the effect that “Kate McKinnon gives one of the all-time great comedic performances”. Maybe that queef joke just struck a chord with him.

    1. Given Pacino’s penchant for random yelling throughout that period of his career, I’d also believe every movie he was in considered adding in a coke addict background to explain his behavior.

      As fascinated as I am by CALL OF THE WILD and its inexplicable cartoon dog, I just know it’s going to be boring. Should have made the dog a full Roger Rabbit cartoon and replaced Ford with Nic Cage.

      Twitter’s a lot easier to deal with when you accept the fact that you’ll never change anybody’s mind about anything on that platform. I find it works best for me as a platform for dumb jokes and posting interesting information about science and the impending collapse of the republic.

      I also think it’s well past time we stopped litigating GHOSTBUSTERS 2016. Some people liked it, some people didn’t, wasn’t financially successful so there won’t be a sequel – a million movies before have followed the same pattern and people were content to move on. I’m far more concerned about the most pressing question of 2020: Will F9 re-calibrate the Fast franchise after the middling HOBBS & SHAW spinoff? Vin Diesel driving his car off a cliff straight into a Tarzan swing has me hopeful…

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