Podcast #121 – The Bacon: Fast 9 & General Nonsense

February got away from the Pigs, schedule-wise, so we give you a loosey-goosey Bacon episode with Todd and Skelton. They share their mutual excitement about the upcoming Fast franchise sequel, talk about why the spinoff Hobbs & Shaw was disappointing, wander off on a tangent about comedy or something, and probably a whole lot more!

4 thoughts on “Podcast #121 – The Bacon: Fast 9 & General Nonsense”

  1. FAST 5 is a modern classic and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. I’ll beat them to death with my blu-ray copy of BAD BOYS II.

    As for sci-fi comedy, there has never been anything better than the UK sitcom RED DWARF. For its first six seasons that show was masterful at combining heady sci-fi concepts with great character comedy. Feel free to ignore everything they did after season six.

    1. When they started dragging a safe through the streets in FAST 5 is when I knew they had found a winning formula.

      My brain was stuck on movie sci-fi comedies otherwise I would totally have mentioned Red Dwarf!

  2. Wow. I was expecting a drunken episode about the Fast and the Furious movies, but I sure wasn’t expecting you guys to drop the snark and get so real. It was honestly pretty touching… at least until Todd’s sweet-drunk gradually gave way to sloppy-drunk.

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