7 thoughts on “Tonn Slingdog Says: Buy Snack Cakes!”

  1. I was wondering when these were going to start airing. Well done, Tonn. You have succeeded in making me want to cram my scream hole with delicious snack cakes.

    Although, I do question whether it is a “pretty cool way to share” by flinging thousands of tiny parachutes into the airspace of downtown Los Angeles. Not to mention what all those delectable little paratroopers will do to the traffic when they land.

    “Google Maps shows the 110 covered in tiny cupcake icons…”

  2. Little Debbie freaks me out. She looks like a tiny Jane Wyman. And Jane Wyman freaks me out.

    On the other hand, Nutty Bars rule with an iron fist. If I did a commercial for Little Debbie, I would ask to be paid in Nutty Bars.

  3. Goodness. I’d gotten so used to scrappy, swear-y Todd that I’d forgotten what happy, commercial product pitchman Todd looked like. It’s kind of like seeing Johnny Rotten do a commercial for butter or something. (Oh. Wait…)

  4. I’d buy the shit out of those cakes because of how good Todd is in these ads.

    If they were sold here, that is.

  5. Yes, it almost doesn’t sound like Todd at all, it’s kinda funky. Still cool to see a dude I know by way of the internet in commercials, though. Hasn’t topped the Sling-Dog yet, but I’m not sure anything could.

    Did you at least get all the Little Debbie snack cakes(tm) that you could eat while filming? Or did the hobos and hoodlums come and shanghai them all between takes?

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