Podcast #122 – I Don’t Want To Go To Burbank!

We’re back with our first show from quarantine! What will this mean for the future of theatrical releases? How will the industry survive? How many dangerously ignorant rich celebrities will keep putting others at risk? All this, and much more, awaits you in this edition! Stay safe! Practice social distancing! Flatten the curve! This is no joke! (there are jokes in the show, however)

BTW, here’s that drunken review of ROCKY BALBOA that Todd finds terribly embarrassing (he’s correct): Review – Rocky Balboa (2006)

2 thoughts on “Podcast #122 – I Don’t Want To Go To Burbank!”

  1. You know, I have such a deep, deep hatred for the media and all political systems that two weeks ago I probably would have been on Evangeline Lilly’s side. And I certainly still do think that there is a degree of shameless fear-mongering going on right now. But the fact is that this is an illness that is very bad to people who are susceptible.

    My sister is currently getting treated for glaucoma and it scares the shit out of me that she might find herself immune-compromised. Thankfully, my workplace is still operational so I am able to go to work every day. In fact, I just had to cancel my Easter vacation time because I’m going to be needed at work.

    Stay safe, Pigs and Piglettes. We’ll all come out of this like: “Well, that was fucked up. Now, how do I sell off all this toilet paper…”

    1. There are far too many people in the U.S. who, despite the warnings in the media, still aren’t nearly afraid enough. People seem determined to refuse to understand that under normal circumstances hospitals are already operating at probably 80% capacity and that flooding the system with new patients will be catastrophic. We even had weeks of footage from Italy showing exactly that – and yet our collective, determined, willful stupidity has prevailed.

      Please be safe at work – washing hands frequently, don’t touch the face, 6ft minimum distance from others. It’s too late to stop the damage, but if we’re vigilant we can certainly mitigate the spread. Best wishes to your sister.

      And FYI, Costco won’t accept refunds on cartfulls of toilet paper anymore. I’m going to use mine for mummy cosplay.

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