Commentary #22 – Road House (1989)


Swayze. Elliott. Boobs. Few words encompass the greatness that is American cinema more than these, and few films possess all three qualities at once. Road House is such a film. Join the Film Pigs as they relive the wonder of a late 80s action masterpiece, complete with all the mullets and pleated pants one could want. Marvel as they give voice to their shared crush on the ultimate man that is Sam Elliott. And, as always, please enjoy the boobs. (IMDb)

SPECIAL NOTE: Please forgive the minor distortion in the recording. Sam Elliott’s mustache simply overpowered our weak, mama’s boy microphone. We are rightfully shamed. Please forgive us Sam!

TO SYNC WITH MOVIE: Start this commentary 10 seconds after starting movie.

8 thoughts on “Commentary #22 – Road House (1989)”

  1. Great commentary, guys.

    And Todd’s right, we all need a Sam Elliot in our lives. Unfortunately, there’s only ONE Sam Elliot so we’d all have to share him.

  2. don’t watch movies you guys enjoy this much there was very little you guys said! In one of your commentarys you said something about how shitty Constantine was. Why don’t you vlog that? IT HAS SHIA LABOUF! YOU MUST DO IT!

  3. This is my first time seeing this movie. What an amoral dreck this was. I mean, it was fun and action-packed, but I found myself wondering at times why I was supposed to think that Patrick Swayze was the good guy. I mean, he pretty much murders people on one or two occaisions. And where were the police during all of this? I suppose it may have made a bit more sense if I watched it with the regular audio.

    Oh well, it was still a fun time. Get well, Pat!

    As far as Constantine goes, I third that request. As long as someone else of equal comedic stature doesn’t also do it.

    Firmly, I believe that whatever films aren’t being blasted by Adudathuda should fall into the laps of the Film Pigs. You two are my favorite (and pretty much only) source for alternative commentary.

  4. The commentaries are great. You guys need to do Red Dawn! I think you could have a lot of fun with that; then we can too.

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