14 thoughts on “Review – The Incredible Hulk (2008)”

  1. Good vlog. I really am interested on how a triple feature like that would effect the brain. I say go for it FOR SCIENCE!



  2. That’s fantastic. Yeah, you guys are kinda funny, but there is something sinister hiding behind the comedy. Or in front of it, I don’t know. I just love the way you make me out to be the problem with the group’s chemistry, while it’s clear that you guys are sad and bored without me. Why can’t you just accept the fact that you love me? It doesn’t have to be physical to be a real love, you know. But if you need the actual body-to-body contact to feel it is genuine, then perhaps that’s what needs to happen. But until you two are willing to commit, to truly take the plunge, I refuse to come back. I’m tired of not being taken seriously.


    P.S. Hey, Pete, I love you, too, okay? Now stop writing full sentences in all caps, it seems angry.

  3. Skelton I think it is great that you are working so much that you don’t even have time to shave…but you have time to see The Hulk…….curious.

    As for the how you been doing segment, how about a Film Pigs where have you been? I am sure there are many amazing stories of liquor stores, strip clubs, and back alleys just waiting to be told!

  4. In the review you asked what’s the opposite of chemistry. The answer of course, is the John Travolta/Lily Tomlin romance Moment By Moment. Or alchemy.

  5. @Jen: I maintain a 5-day beard at all times because I am hoping to be discovered by J.J. Abrams and placed on a lucrative television show, thank you very much. I will play the “hopelessly ugly but quirky” comic relief character to contrast the “average looking” angst-ridden, chisel-faced, washboard abs fashion models that make up the main cast. They will accept me despite my hideousness because they are so beautiful. We will all solve mysteries together, except during mid season slumps when the writers abandon my character because I am not pretty enough.

  6. In response to Skelton’s “thank you very much”

    well it did work for Jorge Garcia! I will miss you during the midseason slump, a little.

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