Tonn “Sling-dog” Anderson in BONES

I will appear in a scene of this week’s episode of “Bones” if anyone is interested.  (Assuming they didn’t cut out the scene, of course.  Or reshoot it with someone else.  Or decide that my performance destroyed the entire episode, and they’re going to just replace it with one of those hilarious blooper shows they do.)

All of my love, all of my kisses, you don’t know what you’ve been missin’. Todd.

8 thoughts on “Tonn “Sling-dog” Anderson in BONES”

  1. oh my GOD you were the bad guy on BONES! I’d totally forgotten I’d read you were going to be on it! I was all (to empty room) “OH my GOD that’s TODD!” Definitely the closest I’ve come to having someone I know on TV! Congrats!

  2. I didn’t read this before I watched the episode, and I freaked out when I saw you. I literally felt proud. I apologize if that is presumptuous of me, seeing as how we’ve never met nor could you pick me out of a crowd.

    For serious though, you were great!

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