8 thoughts on “Review – Quantum Of Solace (2008)”

  1. A commentary and a movie review back-to-back? My day is now perfect.

    Ever since Daniel Craig took the role of James Bond, I stopped finding the movies entertaining. Anyways, who cares. I must say that ‘Listicles’ is the best segment ever. Better than the ‘What’s on Your TiVo?’ one. And that’s saying something since that segment is what I always look forward to.

  2. 1.) Listicle is now my new favorite word

    2.) The next commentary needs to be something ridiculous for three grown men to watch


  3. Oddly enough, Dirty Dancing and Footloose were two movies we parodied when we did live shows in the ancient past, in a time before iPhones and microblogging and hand sanitizer in gel form. So the three of us have seen both of those movies multiple times. Not sure it qualifies as a reason for three grown men to watch those pictures but few people we know actually consider us grown ups.

    And lest we forget, Patrick Swayze actually RIPS A GUY’S THROAT OUT in Road House, which makes Patrick Swayze awesome. And he is only made more awesome when Sam Elliott shows up. Everything is better with Sam Elliott.

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