6 thoughts on “Review – JCVD (2008)”

  1. That was one fun vlog. Very glad that the Listicles segment stuck. I’ve loved Clint Eastwood ever since I saw The Rookie.

    It’d be great if the Yule Log commentary became an annuel event for the Film Pigs.

  2. Yeah, I loved the first Yule Log commentary. It’s… laid-back, sort of. I dunno. I listen to commentary tracks when I’m under the weather. I know I’m weird like that.

    If a more better Yule Log video can’t be found, why not do a Christmas-time commentary for The Thing? A holiday classic, I’d say. It has snow. It counts!

  3. Suggestions for a Christmas commentary:

    Santa Claus Conquers The Martians
    Santa With Muscles
    Santa’s Slay
    Jack Frost (horror film)
    Jack Frost (starring Michael Keaton)
    Jingle All The Way
    The Star Wars Holiday Special
    Babes In Toyland (with Keanu Reeves!)

    Oh! And apparently, the Adudathuda boys are doing a holiday blast this year, and it would be an extra special Christmas surprise if you guys got together for a Film Pigs Commentary/DVD Podblast Christmas Special!

  4. Wow. I think I might want to see a JCVD movie now. That’s hard to believe. Guys, please, consider doing a commentary to get me thru it.

    And I loved the previous Christmas Fireplace commentary. But seriously, you’ve got to get a real wood fire this time.

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