6 thoughts on “Latest Kevin James Project Sure To… uh… *sigh*”

  1. Hey guys. I think I’ve found it. The one movie you absolutely, positively HAVE to do. Because it’s so fucking ludicrous and confounding that it needs to be seen. I speak, of course…

    About Monsturd.


    I know y’all are in Cali, but uh… good luck even finding that one.

    1. I just watched Monsturd the other night. I’m surprised that the movie still holds up after all these years.

      If you go into the movie understanding how utterly sarcastic it is, you’ll probably laugh your ass off. If you go in expecting something with a Hollywood budget, you’ll be sadly disappointed.

      Monsturd was a labor of love. Shot on DV for around $3,000. Took us two years to make (a year to shoot and a year to edit).

      RetarDEAD was a little bit more of an involved project. That movie took us five years to make (three to shoot/two to edit) and cost about $15K. This one cost more, ’cause we actually hired a special effects make-up artist to do a number of effects for us.

      You should be able to find both flix on Amazon. I know Monsturd’s on NetFlix. You can find reviews of both flicks by entering their name in Google.

      Either way, their strange movies in their own way.
      -Rick Popko
      (co-writer/director/producer of Monsturd and RetarDEAD)

  2. I think Todd’s reaction to that standee is far too kind.

    More appropriate would be if he was pissing on it.

    Hey, there’s an idea for the next vlog!

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