GeekNation Show #18 – Three Entire Pigs

For the first time ever, all three Film Pigs are in studio together! (Don’t get used to it.) The are joined by their friend Michael Holland, and discuss the week’s releases, as well as create new laws for the cinema in a segment called “Mayor of Movies.” Film Pigs episodes don’t get more special than this! Or maybe they do. We don’t really know.

5 thoughts on “GeekNation Show #18 – Three Entire Pigs”

  1. Awesome 🙂 that is all.

    My Mayor of Movies suggestion: No more teenagers who talk like clever screenwriters.

  2. First really solid episode. I wonder why? 🙂

    My movie proclamation: Guillermo del Toro can only work on one film project at a time, and they all have to be as good as Pan’s Labyrinth. And also he has to change his name because it’s hard to spell.

    1. Maybe he can change his name to ‘Jerry Bull’. That’s easier.

      And I know what you mean by his immense number of great projects. I’ve read amazing scripts that he was attached to that he will never likely get around to making.

      And Skelton is the perfect ‘Oova’ Boll.

  3. As Mayor of this Universe I order Paul Greengrass to shoot his next five movies with entirely locked down cameras so that he may learn the power of a clear and visible image.

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