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GeekNation Show #158 – Worsties Parade Part Four

It’s the triumphant return of You’re The Worst creator and Film Pig Steve Falk! And he hosts! And he drinks popcorn, and he does a Rash Judgment, and he makes funny funnies! Steve Skelton and Todd Anderson are there, too, but who even cares? And look out…the Mayor of Movies is back and louder than ever!

GeekNation Show #116 – Soooooo Scary!

It’s the Film Pigs very special Halloween spooktacular! They pull out all the stops in this episode filled with tricks and treats. The popcorn is creepy! The Rash Judgments go bump in the night! And an all new Mayor of Movies will make you scream! Happy candy, all you ghouls and goblins destined for diabetes!

GeekNation Show #49 – Punchy Punchy Pigs

Alixandrée Antoine is back for more abuse, but it’s okay because the Pigs feed her a bunch of Popcorn. Not only do they break down the latest releases, but they bring you an all new installment of their wildly popular segment “Mayor of Movies.” What’s especially fun about this episode is they shot it back-to-back with the last episode so they are several glasses of popcorn under, and then makes them silly. Well, it makes Todd belligerent, but everyone else seems to be having a good time.

GeekNation Show #31 – The Joy Of Jacting

Sylvester Stallone gets all up in your grill for skipping his new movie, the Pigs talk this week’s feature film releases with special guest Joy Osmanski, and the Mayor of Movies gets some important new film laws on the books. Also, Joy gags on her popcorn. A show first! Follow Joy on Twitter @joyosmanski

GeekNation Show #18 – Three Entire Pigs

For the first time ever, all three Film Pigs are in studio together! (Don’t get used to it.) The are joined by their friend Michael Holland, and discuss the week’s releases, as well as create new laws for the cinema in a segment called “Mayor of Movies.” Film Pigs episodes don’t get more special than this! Or maybe they do. We don’t really know.