Podcast #43 – Tom Cruise

Hey, the Film Pigs are all still in the same country for some reason so we figured, why not do another podcast? This episode we’re delving into the enigmatic movie star and majestic runner Tom Cruise. Plus movie news, a heartfelt session of Movie Jail, an amazing Cold Reading, a simply nail-biting Quiz that’s neck-and-neck until the end, and more!

This time, on a very special episode of The Film Pigs Podcast:

  • 0:00:00 – Intro
  • 0:01:21 – Movie News
  • 0:05:43 – Host Stephen Falk presents this episode’s theme: Tom Cruise
  • 0:32:56 – Movie Jail
  • 0:39:43 – The Nic Cage Memorial Bizarre Line Reading
  • 0:43:41 – Cold Reading
  • 0:50:47 – Quiz: Tom Cruise’s Leading Ladies
  • 1:06:52 – The Bottom 5: Worst Tom Cruise Movies
  • 1:07:46 – A Moment Of Positivity
  • 1:08:44 – Outro (Tom Cruise Crazy by Jonathan Coulton)


2 thoughts on “Podcast #43 – Tom Cruise”

  1. JACK REACHER and OBLIVION both made tidy profits at the box office.

    Anyone who has the BALLS to climb on the outside of the world’s tallest building to provide us entertainment has my eternal respect. Let’s see Denzel do that.

    His upcoming movie ALL YOU NEED IS KILL looks like it could be good pulpy sci-fi fun even if it has a dreadful title.

    I’d like to see him return to comedy. He’s hilarious in RISKY BUSINESS in a goofball kind of way. That’s probably his least “guarded”, most natural performance.

    1. Good point – as much as I genuinely like Denzel, his career choices of late seem to revolve around what roles allow him to remain as motionless as possible. I think he keeps trying to get back to THE BONE COLLECTOR.

      Todd and I just watched TROPIC THUNDER again recently, and Cruise is hilarious in that.

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