Straight-to-DVD Corner with Tonn Slingdog: His Name Was Jason

Somehow timed perfectly with the release of the Friday the 13th reboot in theaters, Anchor Bay released this DVD documentary about the history of the franchise.  It is essentially made for those fans that are religous about Jason and his silly movies, but those of us who simply enjoy these slasher films for their irresponsible but highly amusing nonsense will get out a kick out of it as well.

It’s most fun to see all the actors who have appeared in the movies as “teens” now as full-blown adults, some with a great sense of humor about the series, some a bit too reverent (which makes me concerned that appearing as Jason’s gazillionth victim was somehow the highlight of their lives.)   There is also some fun commentary from filmmakers (mostly independent ones) who were inspired to make their own trashy slasher pictures.  Most fun is practical effects wizard Tom Savini as the doc’s “host” who makes it clear he likes boobs and watching teenagers die.  Cheers to that!

There is one great mystery, however.  Why’s is Psyche‘s James Roday in this movie?  Everyone else has at least some connection to slasher movies, but what does Psyche have to do with it?  And if it is somehow related, how come Simon Baker from The Mentalist wasn’t interviewed as well?  Even more confounding is Roday’s assertion that Jason Goes To Hell was “unacceptable.”  I realize that this particular sequel where Jason “soul hops” from body to body is now even less popular than the one where the killer turned out to be some random ambulance driver, but the idea that it is “unacceptable” is patently ridiculous.  First of all, given that not one of these films is even remotely “good” as far as cinematic standards go, what exactly defines “unacceptable?”  Jason Goes To Hell had some nudity, perhaps not enough, but it boasted some of the most over-the-top gore sequences, not to mention the fun, slithery gross monster stuff it had going on.  What else did it need to nail?  Teens died and stuff.  I never understood why it mattered that Jason wasn’t Jason but the ambulance guy, and I certainly don’t understand why it matters that he “soul hops” as long as those damn teens are getting brutally murdered.  You people can’t be taking a mythology that completely changes from movie to movie for no reason other than to suit budget constraints seriously, can you?

Can you?

Seriously, sit back and watch the montage of Jason’s greatest slashes, have a laugh, and then reassess your shit.  You sound silly.

Love always, Tonn

One thought on “Straight-to-DVD Corner with Tonn Slingdog: His Name Was Jason”

  1. Film Pigs! I come to you as I came to the DVDPodblast crew mere moments ago. I have a request that I give, on my knees, practically begging.

    The Grudge 3. It must be done. It MUST be done.

    Now I know what you’re thinking. But dig this shit: It’s rated R. Look at the summary on wikipedia. There’s eyes gouged out, throats being bitten out, Shawnee Smith pandering to gorehounds… it’s not good. Gore fans won’t see it because none of the others were too violent. Fans of the previous ones probably will be turned off by the violence. Who is this movie for?

    I’m gonna watch it on youtube, but… hopefully one of the movie commentary folks on the web will take up the task for this. It’s just so bad it may very well cause the apocalypse.

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