GeekNation Show #95 – Co-Dependent

The Film Pigs are joined by director Francis Stokes and actress Stephanie Jane Markham to discuss the latest movie shows coming to a theater near you. Bonus! Not only are there two whole guests this week, but they are actually married. Also, Steve Falk shows up for a change. Anyway, get drunk and have fun with it.

2 thoughts on “GeekNation Show #95 – Co-Dependent”

  1. Edge of Tomorrow is the only movie I’m looking forward to this summer because:

    1.) It’s an (relatively) original sci-fi movie in a land of sequels and comic book movies.

    2.) It’s said to be a fun and exciting film and not some overally serious po-faced effort.

    3.) It’s comes in at less than 2 hours.*

    *Speaking of which the latest TRANSFORMERS abomination is listed as 2 hr 37 mins. What the hell is Michael Bay’s problem?!

    1. Given the positive buzz (currently 89% on Rotten Tomatoes) and the fact that Doug Liman does good action, I’m a bit more on board with Edge now. Although, I am more excited about Guardians of the Galaxy – that’s either going to be a bunch of fun or Marvel’s first complete disaster. But I like James Gunn, so I’m pulling for it to be good.

      *Michael Bay is a lunatic that thinks 2+ hour long toy commercials with incomprehensible FX sequences are a good idea. The moviegoing public is more deranged, since we’ve made those same movies successful.

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