7 thoughts on “Review – The Hurt Locker (2008)”

  1. I’m hoping for a response before it actually airs, but what station(s) is that new episode of Weeds going to be on? I’ve actually never watched the show before, so I have no idea where I would find an episode on the TV. ‘Looking forward to seeing Todd. ;;

    1. Weeds airs on Showtime. I saw the first episode of this season on Netflix’s Watch Instantly streaming service, but it looks like that’s not working anymore on Netflix’s stupid site. Which is annoying, since I don’t subscribe to Showtime.

      However, a quick Google of “weeds season 5 watch online” shows many links of dubious ethical clarity that promise online streaming of episodes. Not that I’d ever suggest anyone use their internet tubes to illegally watch television. I think people should only use the internet for pornography and World of Warcraft accounts.

  2. Katherine Bigelow should have directed the new TERMINATOR.

    If I remember rightly, K-19: THE WIDOWMAKER was the highest-budgeted film ever directed by a woman. And the fact that it pretty much bombed hurt her career, even though she still kicks the shit out of the McG’s and Michael Bay’s of the world in terms of muscular action directing.

    And she’s hot.

    Also, what’s the name of Stee and Todd’s WEEDS episode?

  3. Not that you asked, but for best amateur performance in a movie, I would have gone with Dwight Yoakum in Slingblade. Haven’t seen it an a long time, but I recall finding him really creepy.

  4. Now all you slugabeds need to do is put out an actual commentary. Has it been over half a year now? When was P2 released?

    1. It has been a shamefully long time since we’ve done a commentary. Current schedules are calming down, so we hope to do one near the end of the month.

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