WTF: Bryan Singer Rebooting Battlestar Galactica

So, Singer is doing a big screen reboot of a 30+ year-old television property that just had a 4-season long reboot on television? But it likely won’t be connected at all to the recent show. Does this make any sense to anyone?

Universal Pictures has set Bryan Singer to direct and produce a feature version of “Battlestar Galactica,”
Singer has long been intrigued with “Battlestar Galactica” and flirted with relaunching it into a TV series right after he directed the original “X-Men.”
The director got busy on other projects. Ronald Moore came on as executive producer and oversaw the 73-episode series relaunch, which had a critically acclaimed run on Syfy.
It wasn’t immediately clear whether Moore would be invited to write the screenplay, but it is clear that Singer will put his own creative stamp on the project as the studio indicates that the film will be “a complete re-imagination. (excerpts from Variety)

I thought I was going to have to eat a gun, then I read this comment exchange from io9 and felt a little better:

simonbarsinister: Did you know that rabbits will eat, poop out pellets, then eat the pellets to extract what little nutrition didn’t get absorbed the first time. This is relevant if you think about.

vulcanized @simonbarsinister: But will the rabbit eat pellets a third time? Or is it smart enough to know that at that point, it’s just eating shit?

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