12 thoughts on “Review – District 9 (2009)”

  1. DISTRICT 9 looks amazing. I hope to find a cinema near me that is screening it.

    Will you clowns be doing a vlog about INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS?

    I saw it yesterday and I thought it was terrific. But if you don’t like Tarantino you probably will hate every minute of it.

    1. Although I haven’t liked Tarantino’s last two movies (Death Proof was just “blech…” and Kill Bill was way too self-indulgent, even for him) I do want to see Basterds. Who doesn’t love shooting Nazis? It certainly has to be better than Tom Cruise in CSI: Valkyrie.

    2. Consider your wish granted (video review of Basterds is posted), although I think you’ll gather from the vlog that Todd and I didn’t care for Basterds (Stee is out of town and may have a different opinion). Personally, I like the classic Tarantino but not the recent ultra-self-indulgent Tarantino. If I’m going to watch somebody masturbate and get off on how awesome they’re masturbating, I’ll watch somebody prettier.

  2. (Tarantino’s a fucking haaaaaaaaaack!)

    District 9 looks pretty hack-y to me, too. The fuck’s with filmmakers trying to shove subtext and/or ‘deep messages’ down our throats this year, anyway? It’s been a lot more prevalent lately than I can remember it being for quite some time.

    1. To be fair, District 9 doesn’t pelt you with its subtext – the apartheid theme is used as context, nothing more. You’re never treated to long, thoughtful scenes of people wrestling with their souls over how the aliens are treated. The movie at its core is more a buddy action picture in a realistic sci-fi setting.

      I think the deep message of District 9 is: If you’re extraterrestrial, don’t crash on Earth. The people there will be total assholes to you.

  3. Great review guys, you’ve actually brought this film to my attention and now I
    can’t wait to see it.
    Also it would be great if you could do a vlog on Inglourious Basterds because I can’t fucking wait to see it.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hah! I bet they’re shitting their pants after the trailer was greeted with a collective “Meh…” that just about spun the world off its axis.

      I’m afraid you’ll need more than some dopey mechs left over from the bad MATRIX movies and a World of Warcraft cut-scene to change the face of cinema forever.

      And 3-D can kiss my ass. The most hollow piece of publicity-hounding nonsense since ‘Dogme ’95’.

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